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Kokeilutunti ilmaiseksi

One Course / Yksi kurssi

140 €

Tax incl.

Two Courses / Kaksi kurssia

200 €

Tax incl.

Anytime / Kolme tai useampi kurssi

200 €

Tax incl.



Mandatory annual membership fee (FUSE): 20 euros.



Pakollinen jäsenmaksu vuodelle (FUSE): 20 euros.



For professional dancers (i.e. jazz, modern, ballet, etc.) who lack skill in hiphop or needs the latest moves, or needs to learn the old school techniques.

For a complete beginner who loves to dance, but, has no time or too shy to attend regular classes.

For a company which needs a unique and specially-tailored show for a party or an event.

For a dance group who needs a specialized choreography for a local or international dance competition.

for an individual class

50 € /h

Tax incl.

2-4 persons

80 € /h

Tax incl.

5-10 persons

100 € /h

Tax incl.

11-20 persons

150 € /h

Tax incl.

For other needs, please contact us. We will find ways to meet your requirements. 


Sign-up by email, pay & bring the receipt with you.



Ilmoittautumiset sähköpostiin & maksu tilille, viestikenttään kurssi(t), joille ilmoittautuu. Kuitti mukaan ensimmäiselle tunnille.


Please make the payment to:

Style Dance Industry ry

Email us. We will send you the bank account.

Please specify the classes you intend to attend and bring the receipt.


IMPORTANT NOTE:  No-refund policy.  

Your payment can be credited and use later.