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aka 3ki Riki

Essi Lahtinen-Carranza


Our teachers in action


An upbeat dance-style based on Funk music. It is characterized by abrupt stopping (commonly known as "Lock"). The atmosphere is groovy, fun and playful, mainly because of the 70s-80s cheerful, soul-full music and vibe. Originally developed in Los Angeles 30 years ago by Don Campbellock along with the legendary group "The Lockers", this will become the progenitor of present Hip hop dance style. Hiphop (vertical) dance will not be complete without Locking style..

SDI comment: 100% adrenalin and funk atmosphere. You don't want to miss this if you like funky style!


Another dance-type in the FunkStyles umbrella. The whole concept is to contract the different muscles of the body on the funky beat or on a funk rhythm. The idea is similar to robotic dance, but more of a dance. In Robotting, you don't have to hit the beat. You just emulate robotic movements. In Popping, you are an animated character (i.e. a robot, a puppet, etc..) dancing on the beat. Electric Boogaloo, Waving, King Tut, Botting, Strutting, are all different types of Popping.

SDI comment: If you like Old school stuff and want to learn the core of LA hiphop, this is your style! Pop what you got!


A ballistic, stylish, floor-sweeping, spectacular and jaw-dropping dance style on any music. It is one of the original and integral parts of the raw Hiphop movement. Originally danced to the break-beats or the instrumental part of the music, nowadays, bboys and bgirls will use any kind of music as long as it sets the mood.

SDI comment: You go down on the floor with this one!


A popular disco/club dance style which originated in Los Angeles sometime in the 70s. Even though it is similar to Locking in some movements, its roots can be traced to casual club dancing of that era. It is particularly femminine, glamourous and stylish. Vogueing (posing like Vogue models) is usually mix with it. After combining it with Locking in the movie "Breakin" by Shabbadoo, it became a global sensation for both sexes.

SDI comment: This dance style has come back with power in our time. Funky ladies and gentlemen, check this out! This is so much fun!!!


The generic dance name for any street-style on hiphop music. It is actually a cocktail of different dance styles blended together to form a unique personal style. Technique from different dance styles and a lot of personality play an important role. Some prefer New style with a touch of Contemporary twist. Some favour New School accentuated by Old school techniques. Others prefer the "Mixed" school. But, no matter which style, attitude makes it distinct.

SDI comment: Groove up with style. This is the dance style of the Millenium!


Another type of Urban Dance which is based on House music. It is fast and funky. A lot of footworks. Over the years, this dance style has picked up from different dance disciplines from Salsa, hassle, tap, uprocking, breaking, popping etc... It is in costant evolution.

SDI comment: If you are crazy about House Music, indulge yourself with this class!


An extremely stylish type of dance which came out of the Harlem ballroom scene in the 80s. It became popular in the 90s after Madonna's song and video "Vogue" hit MTV. Voguing is known for model-emulation poses mixed with intricate arm movements. The initial idea actually came from Vogue models posing on magazine. 

SDI comment: If you like glamorous, highly stylized dance with intricate arms and body movement, this one is designed for you!


The history of Irish dance is linked with the development of Irish traditional music, and can be traced back in Pre-christian Ireland. Over the years, the forms changed from the influence of other dance styles from continental europe, particularly a dance called Quadrille. Different dance masters came and taught all over Ireland. There are basically two types of Irish dance: Performance dance also known as Stepdance (i.e. group dance) and social dance. Likewise, there are 2 dance training categories: soft-shoe and hard-shoe dancing. In hard-shoe class, you learn to make music and rhythm with your feet, and in soft-shoe, you will learn to fly!

SDI comment: If you like Irish music and enchanted by Riverdance, this is your class!


A free-style type of dance which blends different dance discipline. It is characterised by individual personality, preferred technique from various styles and own personal groove. 

SDI comment: If you just love to dance and don't care about any specific dance style, you will enjoy this class!