"Beyond the block - the untold story of Filipino street-dance" is an award-winning documentary film about the professional career of Ricky Carranza in parallel with the evolution of Hiphop dance culture in the Philippines.


Spanning fifty years and charting a path across three continents, Ricky, who also produced and directed the film, recounts this valuable piece of history, with rare photos and footage, woven through his own journey as a dancer, an educator and a man shaped by his passion and commitment for the art.

Film screenings:

Cinemalaya, Cultural Center of the Philippines, 8 August 2017, Time: 12:45 Studio theater

Domination International in Brisbane, Australia, 17 September 2017

Dubai, UAE, Vox cinema, 1 October 2017

DF2, Los Angeles Film School, 14 October 2017